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Tonga, 2011 - Swimming with Whales

Why not join us on our next adventure to the Kingdom of Tonga 

Vavau is in the northern reaches of the Tongan Archipelago. Humpback whales annually migrate from Antarctica along the Tongan Trench to this region each year to give birth to their young.

For a few months each year divers, snorkelers and yachties are privileged to witness these majestic giants in the warm blue waters of Vavau. It is only one of a few places in the world where it is possible to swim alongside them. Imagine hovering only meters above a mother and a calf or being approached by a 40 tonne inquisitive male!

Imagine no longer - we are returning in 2013 - join us for this adventure of a lifetime.

Tonga 2012 Trip - Swimming with Humpbacks

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